October 15, 2013
Dawn DeLaria

Supply Chain Management Workshop

Event Details: October 17 - October 18, John and Lucy Cook Hall, 3674 Lindell Blvd, St. Louis, MO, 63108

The Center for Supply Chain Management Studies will host a two-day workshop on Strategic Sourcing and Customer Relationship management Thursday and Friday, Oct. 17-18, in room 230 at John and Lucy Cook Hall.

Topic preview:

  • What is strategic sourcing?
  • Total cost and decision making process
  • The importance of systems thinking and stability
  • Global sourcing issues
  • How to calculate total cost
  • Supplier relationships
  • Supplier collaboration
  • Supplier evaluation and scorecards

What they learn:

  • How to determine total landed cost and the importance of it
  • To determine when to buy versus make
  • To understand long term supply requirements
  • Determine appropriate supplier categories based spend
  • How to manage supplier performance
  • System performance stability techniques
  • The complexities of global sourcing
  • Techniques to measure, evaluate, and manage suppliers and costs
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