Saint Louis University

The Hispanic-American Leadership Organization (HALO) of Saint Louis University will host a Día de los Muertos celebration at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 30, in the outdoor patio of Busch Student Center.

This national holiday, celebrated to honor deceased loved ones in Mexico and around the world, takes place on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 1-2.

HALO invites all students, faculty and staff to learn and celebrate this Hispanic tradition, and this event is open to anyone, regardless of Hispanic background.

An offering table will be provided to honor family and friends who have passed away. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to bring pictures, gifts and flowers to add to the table. In addition, a short prayer will be provided in Spanish. To fully celebrate the lives of deceased friends and family as a community, there will be music and dancing, as well as Mexican hot chocolate and bread.

For more information, contact HALO at