September 14, 2012
Mary Cook

'The Shift from Teaching to Learning: A Day with Neil Fleming'

Event Details: October 05
Neil Fleming

For years, educators have been talking about the need for a shift from an emphasis on teaching to an emphasis on learning, and this shift has informed changes in everything from classroom teaching strategies to national accreditation standards. However, the move away from so-called "coverage" models of teaching has been slow to take off in higher education. One thing can help: Understanding what the research says about how people learn and about how best to facilitate learning in both on-ground and online courses.

The Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning will welcome Neil Fleming, creator of the VARK learning styles questionnaire, back to Saint Louis University Friday, Oct. 5.

Fleming will facilitate two different workshops:

  • "How Does Learning Work? An Update on Learning"
    10 a.m. to noon in the Multipurpose Room at the Allied Health Professions Building

    In this interactive workshop, Fleming will address the question, "How does learning work?," providing a look at what brain-based research suggests and inviting participants to consider how this information might transform their teaching practices.
  • From Teaching to Learning
    3-5 p.m. in the Saint Louis Room at Busch Student Center

    This interactive workshop will focus on the paradigm shift "from teaching to learning" and the importance of this shift for higher education today. Fleming will focus on concrete teaching strategies instructors can use to improve student learning.

All SLU faculty, graduate students and other course instructors are invited to attend one or both of these events and registration is required.

To find out more, visit the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning's website. Registration to attend the workshops can be done online.

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