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Bob Bornhofen
Bob Bornhofen. Submitted photo

The SPICE Lecture series will host Bob Bornhofen, president of Sport-Jet, Ltd., from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 29, in Il Monastero. Refreshments will be provided. Attendees can RSVP for this lecture online.

Bornhofen is a Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology alumnus. The discussion will present that the opportunity yet exists for any entrepreneur or manufacturer capable of overcoming the obstacles that not only derailed the prior failures but current industry investment mentality to produce a light jet aircraft that a reasonably competent pilot can fly and afford.

About the SPICE Lecture Series

SPICE (Speakers Pioneering Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship) is an ongoing speaker event to enhance the flavor of engineering education by bringing technology visionaries into direct contact with students and practitioners. The goal of SPICE is to influence the ecosystem by bringing role models in to educate the charms and challenges in realizing breakthrough innovations.