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Admission of Schools

Schools seeking to participate in the 1818 Advanced College Credit (ACC) Program must make a formal written request to the program director.

Generally, a school's principal, or a designee familiar with the school's curriculum, initiates the request. Following a site visit, the ACC program director will either admit the school to the program, or recommend specific criteria which the school must meet in order to be admitted.

Admission criteria typically include: teacher qualifications, curricular sequence, curricular rigor, and student selection process. If a school's request is denied, that school may reapply for admission when the necessary criteria have been met.

The program director will notify the Advisory Board of all applications, and the disposition of each request.

The acceptance process for a high school applying into the 1818 ACC Program may take up to one year.

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Intent to Participate and Non-Compliance

The Intent to Participate is an acknowledgement of the roles, responsibilities, and duties expected of an individual/school in their specific role, including but not limited to 1818 ACC Partner High School, 1818 ACC High School Administrator, 1818 ACC Adjunct Instructor, 1818 ACC High School Coordinator, 1818 ACC Faculty Liaison.

By signing the document, individuals are agreeing to uphold the various requirements of an active status. Failure to uphold the Intent to Participate risks putting the individual, dual credit offering, and/or partnership in a non-compliant status.

A non-compliant status will result in:

  • discussion on the further partnership of the program, 
  • ability to continue to offer specific dual credit courses, 
  • provisional standards to be met to become active again, 
  • or the end of the dual credit partnership with Saint Louis University.

Individuals and partner high schools will be notified privately by the Program Director for issues of non-compliance.

The Intent to Participate Agreement is included as part of the initial high school inquiry packet, the new instructor application, and the new coordinator application.

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Exclusivity Policy

Saint Louis University's 1818 Advanced College Credit Program adopted an exclusivity clause in 2013 in order to help ensure the integrity of Saint Louis University courses and to prevent confusion among dual credit students and other dual credit programs.

All course offerings post 2013 must adhere to this exclusivity agreement, as well instructors, coordinators, administrators, and high school institutions sign off on the agreement that Saint Louis University is the exclusive dual credit partner for all new high school dual credit courses in their school each year through the Intent to Participate document.

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Incentive Awards Policy

The 1818 Advanced College Credit Program awards enhancement gifts to active high school partners that show growth in student dual credit enrollment over two successive years. The Incentive Awards are awarded and mailed during the summer to the high school's principal.

The enhancement gifts have no strings, except:

  1. The gift is used to enhance the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program at the high school.
  2. The high school principal is responsible to report to the 1818 ACC Office how the gift will be utilized.

Examples of appropriate uses of the gift to enhance the 1818 ACC Program include:

  • Instructor stipends
  • Instructor development opportunities
  • Textbooks or texts for classroom use
  • Library resources 
  • Science materials and supplies
  • Educational hardware or software
  • Scholarships for 1818 ACC student tuition
Successive Growth Percentage Categories    Corresponding Enhancement Gift
Growth of 0 - 9% $500 Gift
Growth of 10 - 99% $750 Gift
Growth of 100% + $1,000 Gift

Please note: Due to partners effected by the national trend in actual enrollment drops in total school enrollments, awards of $250.00 are awarded to partner schools that have had decline in 1818 ACC enrollment, but whose adjunct instructors remain active and committed to the 1818 ACC Program based on the duties outlined on their Intent to Participate.

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