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Eligibility Requirements

The 1818 ACC Program is designed for those exceptional high school juniors and seniors who have the ability, motivation, and maturity to begin their college educations before high school graduation. Every student admitted to the 1818 ACC Program must meet the following admission standards:

  1. Be a student in Grade 11 or 12
  2. Carry a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
  3. Have written endorsement from the principal or a guidance counselor
  4. Have teacher approval for each course

Under extraordinary circumstances, Standard 1 or 2 may be waived based on written petition to the 1818 ACC program director from the student's high school principal.  See Exemption Guidelines.

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Eligibility Exemption Guidelines

Exemption from 3.0 GPA for student with a GPA between 2.5 and 2.99

In order for a student holding less than a 3.0 GPA to be enrolled in the 1818 ACC Program, the 1818 ACC Coordinator with the student should submit:

  1. An 1818 ACC Parental Permission Form signed by the parent/legal guardian, child, course instructor, and 1818 ACC coordinator.
  2. Accompany the signed document with a cover letter for the student(s) stating the compelling reason they are seeking an exemption.

Compelling reasons may include such extraordinary circumstances as serious illness or accident which caused the student to miss a large amount of school; a family crisis or tragedy such as death, divorce, repeated moves; English as a second language which deterred the student's success earlier in his or her academic career; an unproductive freshman experience which impacted the student's GPA, but which the student has overcome through improved work and study habits.

Compelling reasons do not include "having trouble" or "communication problems" with a particular teacher or teachers outside of the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program; "a desire to work hard in the 1818 ACC class"; or the "potential" or "ability" to succeed in the class.

The 1818 Advanced College Credit Program is designed to provide a college- level academic experience for students with a proven track record of excellence. Students who have not yet established that record should be encouraged to persevere until they do, at which time they will fully qualify for participation in 1818 ACC.

Exemption for Freshman and Sophomores

Freshman and sophomores enrolled in courses that are typically junior or senior level courses, that is courses whose majority enrollment is junior or senior level, e.g. U.S. History, Level III of a modern or classical language, English III: College Composition, etc., may participate in the 1818 ACC Program with a written request from a high school official indicating the following:

  1. The designated course in question is a junior (or senior) level course.
  2. The student meets the required 3.0 GPA standard, verified by a copy of the student's high school transcript.
  3. The student has scored in the 90th percentile or above composite score on his or her most recent standardized test (ACT, ASPIRE - 441 or better composite score, SAT, PSAT, MAP, IBTS, or EXPLORE), verified by copy of the official test report.
  4. The student receives parent and school permission via the 1818 ACC Parental Permission Form

All requests for exemption should be made mailed, emailed, or faxed to the attention of the 1818 ACC Program Director. For contact information, including the 1818 ACC Program mailing address, please visit the Contact Us webpage on the 1818 ACC  website.

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Registration for 1818 ACC courses occurs on each high school campus. School officials may arrange for University personnel to conduct on-site registrations, or may establish and follow appropriate registration timelines, in consultation with the ACC program director.

All student registrations must come through the high school, either collected during an on-site registration, submitted by school officials, or submitted electronically by students. The 1818 ACC office accepts NO mail-in registrations directly from students.

Students MUST comply with registration dates and deadlines, typically the last week of September and January for Fall and Spring semesters, respectively. Failure to meet designated registration deadlines will prevent the student from enrolling in the course for college credit.

Registration for semester courses occurs every fall and spring. 

For registration dates, please see the 1818 ACC Program Calendar.

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New Student Registration

Students participating in the 1818 ACC program for the first time are considered "new" students, and will complete online registration through Banner Self-Service after being reviewed by their high school coordinator to ensure the student meets the eligibility policy for the program.

For instructions on how to register as a new students, please see the New Student Application webpage.

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Returning Student Registration

Students who have completed one or more semesters in the 1818 ACC Program are considered "returning" students and will register electronically, using "Returning Students On-Line Registration." On-line registration directions are mailed to high schools each fall and spring, for duplication and distribution to students.

For instructions on how to register as a returning student, please see the Returning Student Registration webpage.

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Semester Load

Students may enroll in up to three Advanced College Credit courses per semester. Under NO circumstances may a student enroll in more than eleven (11) credit hours in a semester.

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Course Drop Policy

Students are allowed to withdraw or drop classes during the current semester by the published course drop deadline that is published each semester online on the 1818 ACC Event Calendar.

Only in extraordinary circumstances can a student drop be considered after the published deadlines have passed. Reasons may include student medical leave from the high school or student passes away during semester. Only the high school can petition the 1818 ACC Program for a course drop for a student.

High Schools should:

  • Submit a letter with an brief explanation of the extraordinary circumstance that includes a request for the student to be dropped.
    • Medical Drops should include a doctor's note stating that the condition would create an undue burden for the student to complete the tasks required to complete the course.

The Course Drop process can is outlined for high schools on the Course Drop Requests webpage in the High School section of the website.

Students should review the Dropping Courses webpage in the student section for specific information on how to request a course drop.

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