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Dr. E. Gayle Rogan Leadership Award

Rogan Leadership Award SLU

About the Dr. E. Gayle Rogan Leadership Award

E. Gayle Rogan, Ph.D., the namesake of this award epitomized the characteristics of a servant leader for the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program as defined by Saint Louis University’s Conduct for the Common Good. During the fourteen years that Dr. Rogan served as the Director of the 1818 ACC Program, she demonstrated superior leadership that directly provided positive impacts and lasting benefits for the 1818 ACC Program, its partner schools, instructors, coordinators, students, and the faculty and academic departments of Saint Louis University.


Imbued by her heartfelt commitment to Saint Louis University’s Jesuit Mission, Dr. Rogan consistently exemplified the university’s Five Standards for Common Good, demonstrating:

  • Competent leadership in securing state and national accreditation and compliance while more than doubling the size of the 1818 ACC Program, as well as national leadership as a founding member of the National Association for Concurrent Enrollment Programs;
  • Conscience as a model of ethical conduct, creating a departmental culture that promotes the highest standards of ethics and encourages everyone, and developing, refining, and enforcing fair and balanced policies to govern the 1818 ACC Program and strengthen collegial partnership(s);
  • Compassion in every interaction with partner schools, faculty, staff, parents, and students of the 1818 ACC Program, university administrators, faculty, and staff, making use of every interaction as an opportunity to affirm, educate, empower, and build rapport;
  • Commitment to the continued growth and success of the 1818 ACC Program, maximizing student participation by offering continually expanding course offerings through increasing number of academic departments, maintaining a greatly reduced tuition rate, working to secure the option of a student scholarship per partner school, and continuing to evolve registration processes, website, and communication of information, providing personnel with annual training and professional development opportunities, access to SLU resources, graduate tuition scholarships, partner school incentive awards, and impact studies to better improve the overall 1818 ACC experience for all parties, establishing a profit-sharing incentive for SLU academic departments and stipends for university faculty who serve as academic liaisons and
  • Community building, cultivating a strong sense of collegiality among SLU faculty and partner high schools through personalized attention, regular consultation with voluntary Advisory Board, school site visits, on-campus opportunities, communications, benefits and awards, and reinforcement of collaborative partnership between university and partner high school personnel to prepare and assist students in transitioning from high school to college.

Dr. Gayle Rogan, Ph.D.

Pictured Above:
Dr. E. Gayle Rogan,
Program Director
from 2000-2014






Dr. E Gayle Rogan 1818 ACC SLU

Pictured Above:

Dr. E Gayle Rogan
circa 2014



Award Qualifications

At the discretion of the 1818 ACC Program Office Staff, the award is to be given annually by the 1818 ACC Program Office to the individual or partner school that has demonstrated a superior commitment and dedication to the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program, but not limited to, the following ways:

  • Demonstrated superior competence by leading by example throughout important changes and processes including but not limited to: registration, credit transfer, professional development, etc.,
  •  Implemented the 1818 ACC Program with conscience to 1818 ACC Program policies, communications, and guidelines,
  • Instilled a sense of compassion in their communications and interactions with 1818 ACC students, staff, peer faculty, and SLU community,
  • Illustrated a deep commitment to the program by significantly growing or benefiting the 1818 ACC Program through new course offerings or increased student enrollment,
  • Developed a strong sense of community with the Saint Louis University community through dedication to actively participating in professional and networking opportunities.

Past Honorees

Academic Year  M. Cathlin Casey Award Honoree

E. Gayle Rogan, Ph.D.

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