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1818 ACC Benefits

Benefits of 1818 ACC Dual Credit Program

With 1818 ACC Program high schools and parents both win! Find out how!

High School Benefits

  • Tuition Scholarships for instructors and coordinators to take up to 6 credit hours at SLU per academic year.
  • Tuition scholarships for 1818 ACC prospective instructors in order to gain the graduate hours needed to teach.
  • High School Incentive Awards based on enrollment increases for the 1818 ACC Program
  • Free Professional Development Days and 1818 ACC pays for the instructor's substitute teacher.
  • Access to expert SLU faculty and departments participating in 1818 ACC courses.
  • Collegiate rigor in high school coursework.
  • Prepare students for college with responsibility for deadlines, reading information, and being an active part of their education.
  • Integrity and a respected reputation for high school course due to association with Saint Louis University
  • Annual Training during the summer, which includes many helpful sessions, including updates to the program. High school officials receive lunch and a small stipend for attending.
  • Meets state improvement guidelines for schools.

Students Benefits

  • College level courses due to SLU faculty and department involvement in creating syllabi.
  • Earn college credit through quality high school courses.
  • Prepare for college course rigor before college through their high school coursework.
  • Gain college perspective for required responsibility with deadlines, reading information, and being an active part of their education.
  • Highly reduced rate for tuition costs ($65 per credit hour).
  • Get a head start on your undergraduate degree, earning hours towards graduation.
  • Earn college credit and high school credit at the same time, as opposed to taking the courses separately, which saves them time.
  • Access to Pius Library and can check out books as an 1818 student.
  • Visit SLU's campus with their high school class, experiencing many resources on Saint Louis University's campus.
  • Transfer SLU credit into the student's GPA as an incoming freshman.
  • Obtain a SLU ID upon request.
  • An actual person on the other end of the phone.
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