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You want a highly acclaimed staff and renown students. Our program can help grow both!

A Strong Commitment to Schools

As an administrator you thrive to build a solid foundation for your students. You desire to achieve a curriculum that is challenging and a program that prepares students for the rigor of a post secondary education future.

As well, you want opportunities for development for your staff to help them grow professionally into the best educators in their fields. Overall you want to build an esteemed program that reflects the excellence you know both your staff and students possess. 

The 1818 Advanced College Credit Program (1818 ACC) is here to help you achieve these goals. We are here as a partner in your quest to build up your programs through developing your staff, challenging your students, and providing access to a nationally esteemed university and its resources!

Whether you are a prospective high school interested in becoming a partner or a returning partner high school, you are in the right place to take the next steps to grow your program with the help of Saint Louis University!

What is Means to Partner with SLU

Through an institutions participation with Saint Louis University's Advanced College Credit Program they gain the prestige of working with a nationally accredited university. Your school gains many benefits, but most importantly it means that the dual credit courses a school offers compare in course content, course prerequisites and student expectations to the equivalent on-campus course.

Through our partnership you become a part of the tradition of excellence that is Saint Louis University.

While there are many benefits there are a few roles that you should expect your staff to take on to ensure a successful partnership.

  • An appointed member of your staff as the 1818 ACC Coordinator who will be the point of contact for all things administrative to our office including registration, helping guide students through the process, updating the office about course changes and offerings, provide updated personnel contact information.
  • Instructors to meet the requirements to teach in the 1818 ACC Program, submit syllabi each semester, meet with SLU faculty liaisons, and file appropriate paper work for scholarships toward tuition.

Get Started

The 1818 ACC Program is the premier dual credit program of Saint Louis University. Through partnering with high schools we are able to provide college level courses taught by approved high school teachers for credit within your high school walls. While dual credit is a key benefit our program offers so much more to partnering high schools!

Let's get started: