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SLU 1818 ACC Coordinators

Your role is key in a students' lives. Let these resources be a guide to answering your questions!

The Coordinator's Role

The High School Coordinator is key in ensuring success of the high school and its students in the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program (1818 ACC). We rely heavily on our administrators to be champions of dual credit, instructors to teach the courses, and most importantly our coordinators to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The 1818 ACC high school coordinator  is often an appointed high school official who helps our office maintain a smooth program at each high school by:

Resources in Fulfilling the Coordinator Role

The 1818 ACC high school coordinator provides the needed administrative role to successfully administer dual credit courses at high school. In addition to this role, the coordinator possess a great amount of knowledge about the 1818 ACC Program policy and procedures.

We work to provide all the tools for our coordinators in a fashion that is easily accessible, as such we encourage each coordinator to use the following resources to answer questions and help students.

Here are quick links to important resources

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