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How To Request A Change to a Student's Registration

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Registration mistakes happen. We rely heavily on you to help correct them in a timely manner.

When to Request a Change in Registration

There are a variety of reasons why a student may approach the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program (1818 ACC) regarding a need to change their registration status. A few of the most common occurrences are:

  • Student registered for incorrect class and needs to be dropped
  • Student need to be added to a correct course

If a student has already registered during the regular registration period for the semester and an error in their registration is discovered such as the occurrences up above, the 1818 ACC Coordinator should notify the student and submit a change in registration request online.

If a student wishes to drop a course before the posted course drop deadlines on the website, please refer to the Drop Course Request webpage for instructions.

Submitting a Change in Registration

To request a change in a student's registration, please fill out the online form below.

If you have difficulties accessing the form, please please contact the 1818 ACC Program office.


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