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Understanding the Application Process

New Dual Credit Teachers

You have done your research and ready to take the next step to offering students dual-credit with SLU!

Before Applying to the Program

We welcome new instructors on a rolling basis to apply to our program. There are a couple of things to note before beginning the application to teach dual-credit courses at your high school. 

Important Requirement

A high school teacher wishing to become an Adjunct Instructor in the 1818 ACC Program should hold a Master's degree in the respective discipline. A teacher with a Master's degree in another discipline may be approved as an Adjunct Instructor, provided that teacher has a minimum of 18 graduate hours in the respective discipline. In extraordinary situations, a teacher may be approved as an Adjunct Instructor, as long as he or she meets the same criteria the department sets for hiring on-campus Adjunct Instructors. University departmental Liaisons, in consultation with appropriate department members and the ACC program director, make the final determination regarding approval of Adjunct Instructors. Contact the 1818 ACC Program Office with questions regarding this requirement.

Submitting An Application to Teach

Once you have reviewed the above requirements and special notes for consideration and you feel confident about applying to the program, please follow these instructions to officially apply to be an adjunct instructor for the 1818 ACC Program.

Application Deadlines

In order to ensure timely approval teachers must submit their application packet before the following deadlines to guarantee course offerings for each semester:

  • June 1st for applicants wishing to start in the Fall semester
  • October 1st for applicants wishing to start in the Spring semester

Application Packet

The Application Process requires a variety of forms and supporting documents to be filled out and returned together at the same time to the 1818 ACC Program office. You will need to download, complete, and submit the following items in this order:

  1. Adjunct Instructor Application Check List
  2. Adjunct Instructor Application
  3. Course Approval Form
  4. Intent to Participate Form (submit online but include a printed copy of responses in your packet)
  5. Provide a copy of your course syllabus/syllabi. If you need help review our Syllabi Resources page for a sample syllabi.
  6. Provide a copy of confirmation that you've requested your official collegiate academic transcripts to be sent to the 1818 ACC Program office
  7. Provide a letter of recommendation from your high school administration
  8. Provide a second letter of recommendation
  9. W-9 Tax Form, Master Vendor Form, and Direct Deposit Form Packet

Upon completion of all the forms and obtaining the necessary supporting documents, please send the entire application in the order listed above via one of the following ways:

  • Email it to with subject "New Instructor Application"
  • Fax it to (314) 977-7160
  • Mail it to:

1818 Advanced College Credit Program

One North Grand Blvd, DB 17

St. Louis, MO 63103

Application Review Process

After receiving all necessary application materials, please expect a few weeks for the following process to occur:

  1. The 1818 ACC Program Director will review the packet.
  2. Upon reviewing the credentials, the 1818 ACC program director will forward them to the respective University Liaison for final determination. 
  3. The University Liaison will notify the teacher and 1818 ACC program director in writing whether the teacher is Approved, Provisionally Approved (with provisions stated), or Not Approved at this Time (with reasons for lack of approval stated).
  4. Names of Approved and Provisionally Approved Adjunct Instructors are forwarded to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, for appointment as adjunct instructors of Saint Louis University. 
  5. The approved and provisionally approved applications are filed in the Office of the Academic Vice-President and Provost of Saint Louis University.

Post Application Approval

There are three important outcomes that occur after approval or provisional approval are given. These two steps are very important to ensure continued teaching in the 1818 ACC Program. 

Probationary Status

Once the instructor is approved for the program they are given a probationary status to  teach in the 1818 ACC Program for the first year a teacher participates.

After the first year, a teacher will automatically be considered qualified to remain in the Program under the following conditions:

  • the teacher has met, or is making significant progress toward meeting any specified provisions
  • the University Liaison and ACC program director approve continuation participation

Continuing Education Scholarships

A benefit to the 1818 ACC Program is that our teachers receive the opportunity to receive scholarships to continue their education. Often times provisionally approved instructors will be required to fulfill additional academic requirements, and these scholarships can help meet those requirements. 

Issues of Non-Compliance

The Intent to Participate is an acknowledgement of the roles, responsibilities, and duties expected of an individual/school in their specific role, including but not limited to 1818 ACC Partner High School, 1818 ACC High School Administrator, 1818 ACC Adjunct Instructor, 1818 ACC High School Coordinator, 1818 ACC Faculty Liaison.

By signing the document, individuals are agreeing to uphold the various requirements of an active status. Failure to uphold the Intent to Participate risks putting the individual, dual credit offering, and/or partnership in a non-compliant status.

A non-compliant status will result in:

  • discussion on the further partnership of the program, 
  • ability to continue to offer specific dual credit courses, 
  • provisional standards to be met to become active again, 
  • or the end of the dual credit partnership with Saint Louis University.

Individuals and partner high schools will be notified privately by the Program Director for issues of non-compliance.

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