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Scholarships for 1818 ACC Partner Staff

Scholarships for SLU

Further yourself with SLU and help from the 1818 ACC Program!

About the Scholarships

As a Jesuit Catholic institution, Saint Louis University holds the pursuit of knowledge and truth at a very high standard. As part of our Jesuit identity we believe in helping educate the whole person, and believe that a person is a life long student.

The 1818 Advanced College Credit Program (1818 ACC) encourages the continued pursuit of knowledge by providing graduate scholarships to adjunct instructors, prospective adjunct instructors, administrators, and coordinators.

The 1818 ACC Program currently offers the following types of scholarships:

Scholarship Name Who is Eligible Where to Learn More Where to Apply

Internal Scholarships

Current/Prospective Local 1818 ACC Adjunct Instructor, Coordinators, and Administrators

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External Scholarships

Geographically Distant Current and Approved Prospective 1818 ACC Adjunct Instructor and under special circumstances for programs not offered at SLU

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