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Dual Credit 101

Dual Credit: How dual credit is different than AP

Students have lots of opportunities to succeed. Find out why dual credit is a premier option.

What is Dual Credit?

Dual credit is a way for high school students to earn college credit at the same time they are earning high school credit.

The high school and college credit are separate from one another, meaning:

  • if a student drops his or her college credit with SLU, he or she may still be enrolled in the high school class.
  • the grading systems may be different. Review SLU's Grading Scale for college courses.
  • the records for the course work are separate
  • the college credit is recorded on a university transcript and the high school credit is on the high school transcript

At SLU, this means a student who is registered with the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program is registered as a Saint Louis University student and has a Saint Louis University transcript with their earned dual credits recorded.

The work that the student completes throughout the course contributes to the student's final college grade in the class, which shows on their Saint Louis University transcript. This is why in order for students to transfer their dual credit, they must request a transcript be sent from SLU to the college they are attending.

Is Dual Credit the Same as AP?  

We are commonly asked if 1818 ACC course are the same as Advanced Placement (AP) courses, as well as frequently hearing the 1818 ACC Program is often incorrectly referred to as AP credit or AP Program. 

The AP Program is a separate college-level program developed by the College Board organization. This program requires students to take and score above a certain number on examinations to earn credit. As well, the College Board develops their own curriculum through a panel.

The 1818 Advanced College Credit Program is not part of the AP organization, but rather we are the nationally recognized dual credit program of Saint Louis University, and a founding and active member of the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment.

Student/Parent Benefits of SLU's Dual Credit and College Board's AP

1818 Advanced College Credit Program College Board's AP Program
Course Work Fulfills high school graduation requirements. Fulfills high school graduation requirements.
Affiliation Student is a part-time SLU student No college or university affiliation
Classroom College course work in a high school setting College-level high school course work in high school setting
Credit Successful completion of the  course earns guaranteed college credit at SLU Successful completion of course may earn college credit, depending on AP exam score and university standards.
Amount of Credit Students can earn up to 22 credit hours per academic year with 1818 ACC Credits earned depend on courses taken and passing AP exam score for each course
GPA Course grades become part of SLU undergraduate GPA Course grades do not transfer
Access Schools/students have access to SLU campus, most notably Pius XII library privileges N/A
Exams Student completes the classroom's final exam at the end of the course Student completes nationally-normed AP exam at the end of the academic year
Cost Greatly reduced tuition cost ($65 per credit hour compared to $1,125) Potential  for reduced college tuition costs
Customer Service Local office with real people answering inquiries in person, over the phone, or through email N/A


Common SLU Terms

There are common terms that are used throughout the duration of a student's enrollment in the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program. We encourage you to review the following terms to better help your student in navigating the 1818 ACC Program as well as future enrollment at a university.

  • Banner ID: The Banner, or Student, ID is your student's unique 9-digit Identification number with Saint Louis University. This number remains constant, even if the student enrolls in Saint Louis University as a college freshman. Please keep a record of the ID number as students will use it to order transcripts, pay bills, and register for courses.
  • SLUNet ID: The SLUNet ID is the user name assigned to each student at Saint Louis University, needed to access Banner Self-Service and the MySLU portal.  If your student forgets their SLUNet ID, it can be found at People Finder. When searching for the student, the SLUnet ID is the portion of their SLU email address before the @ sign.
  • Transcript: A transcript is an official record documenting a student's coursework and grades which have been completed through Saint Louis University. In order for your student to send other universities the courses they completed through the 1818 ACC program he/she must request an official transcript from the Office of the University Registrar.


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