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Approving New Instructors

SLU Faculty Liaison

Instructor approval and review of prospective applicants ensures the integrity of SLU's offerings are upheld.

Instructor Approval Process

The 1818 Advanced College Credit Program (1818 ACC) relies on the appointed departmental Faculty Liaisons in upholding the integrity and quality of Saint Louis University's course offerings through utilizing their expertise in approving new high school instructors to teach in the program.

Instructors are required to submit a number of materials for approval to teach in the 1818 ACC Program. The 1818 ACC Program office collects all documentations from prospective teachers and keeps their information on file.

The 1818 ACC Program will coordinate with the Faculty Liaison in sharing the application packet. The 1818 ACC Faculty Liaison is responsible to review these application in a timely manner and provide a letter indicating one of three possible outcomes:

  • Full Approval - Acknowledges that the applicant satisfactorily meets the requirements to administer a SLU college course
  • Provisional Approval - Acknowledges that the applicant satisfactorily meets most of the requirements, but needs improvement. Liaison must outline steps required to meet Full Approval status.
  • Denial - Acknowledges that at the current time the applicant does not satisfactorily meet the necessary requirements to teach a SLU college course. Liaisons should detail what is necessary to meet the requirements for future application.

Letter Templates for Applications

Faculty Liaisons can utilize one of the following Microsoft Word letter templates provided by the 1818 ACC Program office to meet letter expectations and requirements.

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