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Approving New SLU Courses as Dual Credit Offerings

SLU Course Approvals

More SLU courses as dual credit mean new opportunities for both the department and high schools.

New Dual Credit Course Approval Process 

The 1818 Advanced College Credit Program (1818 ACC) welcomes Saint Louis University departments to join the program by proposing current on-campus 100 and 200 level Saint Louis University courses to be considered as potential dual credit offerings to our high school partners.

The proposed additions are welcome year round and are key to ensuring a strong viable relation between the university and partner high schools. If you believe you have a course that would be beneficial to offer as a dual credit offering, please follow these steps:

  1. Speak with your department and department chair about the potential of offering courses.
  2. The department chair or an appointed individual on behalf of the chair should then reach out to the 1818 ACC Program.
  3. The department will need to submit a proposal to the 1818 ACC Program Director that includes:
    • The official published university course description of the proposed course
    • A copy of the standard university syllabus for the course
    • A statement listing any pre-requisites student should meet
    • A statement outlining the credentials that a prospective instructor should hold
    • Contact information of the departmental contact for further questions/clarification
  4. Once the packet is received it will be reviewed by the 1818 ACC Program Director. 
  5. The department will be contacted by the 1818 ACC Program Director if the course has been approved or denied as a dual credit partnering program.

Common reasons why a course offering is denied as a dual credit offering include:

  • Course is not a viable option or needed offering for the high school
  • Student pre-requisites are unobtainable for high school students
  • Instructor credentials are unobtainable for high school instructors

Proposals may be submitted electronically, faxed, or hard copy. For information about contact information for the 1818 ACC Program, please view the Contact Us webpage.

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