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Faculty Liaisons for 1818 Advance College Credit Saint Louis University

Faculty expertise, guidance, and mentorship is a key to the 1818 ACC Program.


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Understanding the Liaison Role

A key role in ensuring the success of the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program (1818 ACC) heavily relies with the participation of University faculty from specific academic disciplines serving as liaisons to our participating high schools.

The expertise, guidance, mentorship, and knowledge that SLU faculty hold serve as a major resource to meeting national and state standards to provide premier dual credit courses in the high school. Through their knowledge, SLU faculty are able to help positively impact the quality of educational offerings at the high school level and prepare students for an undergraduate college career.

Your role as a Faculty Liaison is key to a successful program. We thank our liaisons appointed by the department chairs for their commitment and dedication to the 1818 ACC Program and high schools that we partner with.

Liaison Responsibilities

Liaisons serve a key role in the partnership with the high school and ensuring the integrity of SLU's dual credit program. Liaisons should be prepared to take on the following roles and responsibilities.

  1. Review credentials of all new instructor applicants and approve/certify them to teach in their specific discipline.
  2. Attend University Liaison meetings
  3. Communicate departmental academic changes to the 1818 ACC Program Director
  4. Meet annually with the 1818 ACC Program Director for an end of the year review
  5. Develop and administer professional development days for high school instructors
  6. Provide discipline specific orientation for new instructors
  7. Maintain collegial interactions with instructors
  8. Initiate classroom visits and compile necessary visit documentation data for accreditation
  9. Collect and submit student assessment tools to the 1818 ACC Program office
  10. Facilitate and coordinate student academic assessments in partner schools 

Helpful Resources

Fleur-De-Lis-Compliance-Accredidation Saint Louis University's 1818 Advanced College Credit Program is a founding and fully accredited institution of NACEP, the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships, fully accredited through the HLC, Higher Learning Commission's North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and complies with both the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MBHE), "Dual Credit Policy," and Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) Dual Credit Task Force.