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Course Reinstatements

What to do if you've been dropped for non-payment.

Non-Payment Tuition Repercussions

Not paying a tuition bill on time can lead to repercussions including late fees and even being dropped from your class. It's important to make sure you read your tuition bills, but if you do forget to make a payment here are few things to help get you back on track.

What to Do if Dropped For Non-payment

If you've been dropped for non-payment you can be reinstated into your college credit courses only if the tuition balance is paid in full and reinstatement is processed within the immediately following semester. For example, if you are dropped for non-payment in the Fall term you must complete the reinstatement process by the end of the following Spring term.

Reinstatement Deadlines by Semester

  • Deadline to be reinstated into a Fall Semester course: April 1st of the same academic year
  • Deadline to be reinstated into a Spring Semester course: December 1st of the following academic year

Reinstatement Instructions

Follow these instructions to have your credit re-instated.

  1. Draft a check for the total balance of your full tuition, plus a $50 reinstatement fee.
    • Make the check payable to "Saint Louis University"
    • In the memo line include your full name and Banner ID number
  2. Mail your check to:

1818 Advanced College Credit Program

One Grand Blvd., DB 17

Saint Louis, MO 63103

Your college credit courses will be reinstated if the reinstatement deadline has not passed and  after our office has received the full amount of tuition plus the reinstatement fee.