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Helping all students no matter their background gain access to a quality education.

Helping Those In Need Gain Access to College

While SLU is making college more available and more affordable to many formerly underserved students and student groups, $195.00 per course still keeps college credit unattainable for certain students.

It is in the spirit of the Jesuit mission and collegiality that the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program established a financial need based Student Scholarship to assist students in paying their 1818 Advanced College Credit Program Tuition. The scholarships are awarded to the high school and it is the responsibility of the high school administration to decide how much may be awarded to the student based on their need.

If you are considering taking an 1818 ACC course at your high school but worried about the cost you should...

  • Still register for your 1818 ACC classes during the registration period.
    • Registration dates posted to the 1818 ACC Event Calendar
    • If you do not get an award you still have time to drop a course or if you do not pay will be dropped automatically.
  • After you register for your classes, speak to your high school instructor or 1818 ACC Coordinator immediately about seeking a scholarship from the SLU Student Scholarship Award.
  • Await your high school's decision of your award request.
  • Ensure that the high school submits the request to the 1818 ACC Office during the Student Scholarship Request period.
  • Review your tuition statement via mySLU or paper bill to access the amount.
  • Pay any additional tuition balance that the scholarship does not cover before the tuition payment deadline.

Scholarship Request Process

  1. Student or family requests assistance from the high school.
  2. High School administration decides the amount to award the student from the $390.00.
  3. 1818 ACC Coordinator submits the Scholarship Request Form during the request period. Please note multiple students can be submitted on one form.
  4. At close of the request period, 1818 ACC Office verifies awards and submits for processing to Student Financial Services at SLU.
  5. Awards applied and high schools notified via their 1818 ACC Coordinator.
  6. Students/families pay any tuition balance not covered by the award.

Please direct all inquiries or questions about the scholarship to the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program Office.

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