Partner with 1818

In Saint Louis University's 1818 Advanced College Credit program, we believe that a head start on a college career is more than just earning dual credit. Our office works with our partner high schools to truly help develop students and help them gain the mindset needed to succeed in college.

From challenging all students through college-level curriculum in the classroom to guiding them through the registration process and helping them understand the tuition process, we prepare students for their college career before they even step foot on a university campus.

Whether you're a school official looking to partner with the 1818 Advanced College Credit program or you're a veteran teacher refreshing your skills, we're glad to have you with us.

Benefits of the 1818 Program

The 1818 Advanced College Credit program isn’t just beneficial to students; instructors and coordinators can benefit from the program, too.

Learn About Partner Benefits

How to Become a Partner

If you would like your high school to become a partner in the 1818 Advanced College Credit program, take the following steps:

  1. Fill out the 1818 Advanced College Credit program high school packet and email it back to the program office as a PDF.
  2. The 1818 Advanced College Credit program will review the packet and contact you to set up a site visit to meet the administration and discuss next steps.

At the site visit, the 1818 Advanced College Credit program director may make recommendations regarding teacher qualifications, curricular sequence, curricular rigor, student selection process, and future plans for the partnership.

High School Coordinator

The high school coordinator is key in ensuring success of a partner high school and its students in the 1818 Advanced College Credit program. Responsibilities of the coordinator include:

  • Facilitating the program at the respective high school
  • Ensuring the program in the high school meets all set policies and guidelines
  • Assisting students through the registration process, dropping courses, changing registrations and other tasks
  • Answering student questions about eligibility, tuition payments and grades
  • Communicating school changes, such as adding or removing courses or personnel turnover
  • Guiding prospective instructors through the approval process to teach courses through the program

To be approved as your high school's official coordinator, consult with your administration. Upon their approval, fill out the high school coordinator application and email it to the 1818 Advanced College Credit program office. The office will review your packet and contact you with additional information.

The 1818 Advanced College Credit program office will set up necessary credentials, profiles, access and tools to manage the high school's program. The coordinator should also register for our summer pre-service training conference.

Intent to Participate and Non-Compliance

The intent to participate is an acknowledgment of the roles, responsibilities and duties expected of an individual/school in their specific role, including but not limited to partner high schools, high school administrators, adjunct instructors, high school coordinators and faculty liaisons involved with the 1818 Advanced College Credit program. The intent is filled out once during the initial application process and remains valid until the partnership is ended.

By signing the document, individuals agree to uphold the various requirements of an active status. An active status means that the partner high school is in good standing in the program and may continue to offer 1818 courses. Failure to uphold the intent to participate risks putting the individual, dual credit offering, and/or partnership in a non-compliant status.

A non-compliant status will result in:

  • Discussion about the further partnership of the program
  • Possible discontinuation of dual-credit course offerings
  • The option of meeting provisional standards in order to become active again, or ending the dual-credit partnership with SLU

Individuals and partner high schools will be notified privately by the 1818 Advanced College Credit program director about issues surrounding non-compliance.