How does it work?
Every hour of volunteer (non-paid) service you contribute will go toward meeting our challenge of giving back 200 years of service during our 200th

Who can be involved?
Anyone who wants to improve the world around them: SLU students, alumni, faculty, staff and those in the St. Louis community and beyond.

How do I track my hours?
When it's available in November, you can download our 200-Year Challenge app, or use our online submission form.

What constitutes volunteer service?
Any volunteer time you’ve spent helping a person, organization or part of the community. Whenever you give unpaid time to a non-profit, government agency, school, church or other community organization to further the public good, you’re serving. So tutoring youth, coaching a youth team, serving meals in a soup kitchen, working at a health clinic, volunteering through your church or child's school, planting community gardens, etc., all would qualify.

Where can I volunteer?
Since we’re a global university, anyone in the world can help us reach our goal. For a list of local volunteer organizations, check out SLU’s Community Partners Database. SLU also maintains a list of one-time volunteer opportunities.

What if I forgot to log my time?
No worries. You can load your time in batches on our app (use the “manual” entry button) or online. Large amounts of time will be reviewed before they are approved.

How long does the challenge last?
It will last an entire year, ending on Nov. 14, 2018.

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