Saint Louis University

The Center for Intercultural Studies and the Office of Academic Affairs will present a forum, "Preserving Cultural Diversity while Seeking Economic and Political Unity: The Case of Europe," from 3-4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 6, in the International Student Lounge in Des Peres Hall. Opening remarks will be made by Jean-Philippe Pernet, director of International Programs at Institut Catholique d'Arts et Metiers in Toulouse, France.

About the talk

The 2009 UNESCO world report on cultural diversity has stated that "globalization and the liberalization of the goods and services market will lead to cultural standardization, reinforcing existing imbalances between cultures." Samuel P. Huntington of Harvard University has claimed that "the clashes of civilizations are the greatest threat to world peace, and an international order based on civilizations is the surest safeguard against world war." This forum will look at Europe's current economic and political environment to explore how a better understanding of cultures and cultural identities can avoid increasing imbalances and tensions between cultures.