Saint Louis University

The Great Issues Committee will host journalist Peter Bergen as he presents "The Awakening: How Revolutionaries, Barack Obama and Ordinary Muslims are Remaking the Middle East" at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 24, in the Wool Ballroom of Busch Student Center.

Will the values that America represents — pluralism, tolerance and democratic values — triumph in the Muslim world? Or will Osama bin Laden's dark vision of Taliban-like regimes from Indonesia to Morocco ultimately prevail in some Islamic countries? Will the Muslim world forge some new accommodation between Islam and modernity, represented by younger members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt or the Islamists in Turkey? Have Al Qaeda's offenses weakened so much that America can now safely declare victory, at least over this particular Islamic terror network?

Bergen, one of few Western journalists to ever interview Osama bin Laden, explains how all of this plays out at home in a highly polarized environment where the issue of Islam is becoming a fault line between Democrats and Republicans.