July 19, 2013
Kathleen Hargrave

Masters Conference

Event Details: July 22 - July 25

The top medicolegal death scene investigators from North America will meet July 22-25 at Saint Louis University School of Medicine to learn the latest advancements in forensic science at the Masters 15 Conference for Advanced Death Investigation.

The meeting is the largest of its kind and gives medicolegal death investigators, forensic pathologists, scientists, coroners, law enforcement, emergency medical personnel and administrators an opportunity to learn the latest advancements in bloodstain pattern analysis, methods of recognition, collection and preservation of critical firearms evidence at scenes and testifying in court.

Mary Case, M.D., professor of pathology, and Kathleen Hargrave, director of forensic education, are co-directors of the course, which has been offered since 1985.

More than 200 attendees are expected from 38 states, Puerto Rico, Kuwait, Philippines and Pakistan. For a full list of speakers, visit the School of Medicine website.

The Masters Conference is conducted every two years during the late summer to provide a colloquium for those who wish to stay current on issues in the field of medicolegal death investigation. The topics for each program change and reflect new information developing at that time.

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