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Academic Program Review at SLU

Saint Louis University ensures that all academic programs undergo periodic review to ensure continuous quality improvement, including those that are reviewed through an external accreditation process.

Thorough, systematic review of academic programs demonstrates that they are in alignment with University mission and strategic initiatives, and identifies program strengths and appropriate resource allocation. The program review process should be congruent with established academic unit and university assessment efforts, and should support long-term academic unit planning and strategic initiatives.

Academic program review is a process through which faculty, staff and administrators collaborate to promote academic excellence, viability and accountability through:

  • Identifying and prioritizing specific recommendations/actions needed for program improvement
  • Identifying opportunities and rationales for program growth
  • Identify interdisciplinary collaborative opportunities
  • Identifying needs for investment and resource re-allocation (at multiple institutional levels) to support program improvement or growth
  • Assessment of program strengths and weaknesses in the context of program- defined, discipline or professional standards of quality, as well as alignment with goals and outcomes as defined by the respective academic unit and the University

The outcomes of program reviews should greatly inform strategic planning — and resource allocation and re-allocation — at the program, academic unit and University levels.


Program Review Council

Below are the names and positions of the members of the Program Review Council. 

Name Position Current term (ends June 30)
Rob Wood, Ph.D. Associate Provost Ongoing
Stacey Harrington, J.D. Assistant Provost Ongoing
Kathleen Thatcher Assessment Coordinator Ongoing
Susan Spencer Associate Professor of Biology 2018
Terry Tomazic Professor of Sociology and Anthropology 2019
Christine Werner Professor of Physician Assistant Education 2020
Anthony Breitbach Associate Professor of Physical Therapy 2020
Ruben Rosario-Rodriguez Associate Professor of Theological Studies 2020
Helen Lach Professor of Nursing 2020

As of August 2017