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Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee

The Saint Louis University Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee (UAAC) is the University-wide governance body for undergraduate education. UAAC serves a shared governance role in the development, improvement and quality control of undergraduate education throughout SLU. 


UAAC Roster 

2016-2017 Members Role/Representation Status Term
Robert Wood Associate Provost, Academic Affairs (UAAC Chair) Ex-Officio Permanent
Martha Allen University Libraries Ex-Officio Permanent
Taieb Gasmi Madrid Campus (Campus Representative) Ex-Officio Permanent
Mark Higgins, second year Dean, (Campus Representative) Representative Three-year
Chris Duncan Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Ex-Officio Permanent
Gary Barker Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, College of Arts and Sciences Representative Permanent
Jim Burwinkel, second year Faculty Representative, College of Arts and Sciences Representative Three-year
Debbie Barbeau Faculty Representative, School of Business Representative Three-year 
Michelle Sabick Faculty Representative, Parks College Representative Three-year
Robert Cole, third year Faculty Representative, College of Education  Representative Three-year
Craig Boyd, second year Faculty Representative, School for Professional Studies Representative Three-year
Sandra Naeger, second year Faculty Representative, College for Public Health and Social Justice  Representative Three-year
Joanne Langan, third year Faculty Representative, School of Nursing Representative Three-year
Elizabeth Blessing, third year Faculty Representative, Doisy College of Health Services Representative Three-year
Nina Westhus, second year Faculty Senate Representative Representative Three-year
Bryan Sokol Director, Center for Service and Community Engagement Ex-Officio Permanent
Kent Porterfield Vice President for Student Development Ex-Officio Permanent
Jay Goff Vice President, Division of Enrollment and Retention Management Ex-Officio Permanent
Kathleen Thatcher University Assessment Coordinator Ex-Officio Permanent
Jay Haugen University Registrar Ex-Officio Permanent
Lisa Israel Director, Retention and Academic Services Ex-Officio Permanent
Melinda Carlson Learning Community Representative Ex-Officio Permanent
Debra Lohe Director, Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning Ex-Officio Permanent
Grant Mayfield SGA Representative Representative One-year

UAAC Minutes