Saint Louis University

Ten years after the adoption of the Five Dimensions as an institution-wide assessment framework, and as part of renewed institutional assessment, strategic planning and accreditation self-study initiatives in AY2011-2012, the University initiated a process to develop and articulate the specific knowledge, skills, and attributes that all SLU undergraduates are expected to exhibit upon graduation with a SLU bachelor's degree.  

This was an effort to express, in very specific and learning-oriented terms, the components of a "distinctly SLU" undergraduate education. Doing so provides a means to demonstrate - to ourselves, first and foremost, but also to our students, and other constituents - that we are achieving our University mission consistently and coherently with regard to undergraduate students and their success.

This process was intentionally integrative, bringing together faculty and staff from Academic Affairs and Student Development units; that process echoed the strategic intent to drive the development and assessment of learning outcomes and corresponding educational programming not from the vantage point of traditionally defined (and traditionally segmented) administrative and organizational units, but instead from the integrated educational goals themselves -- goals which embody the Jesuit emphasis on educating the whole student.