The American Humor Studies Association is dedicated to the study of American humor in all its aspects. The Association is an affiliate of the MLA and ALA and presents convention programs at the annual conventions of both societies and sponsors programs elsewhere. Annual business meetings are held in conjunction with the Annual ALA meeting in May of each year. Any member of the MLA or ALA may attend AHSA meetings and submit papers for consideration at annual MLA or ALA meetings; similar arrangements apply to other organizations limited only by the governing rules of the organization. Presenters must become members of the American Humor Studies Association prior or or coincident with the presentations at MLA or ALA.

Membership in the American Humor Studies Association includes the semi-annual newsletter, To Wit (April 1, October 31), and the journal, Studies in American Humor (annually, Fall).

Membership is $25 annually ($30 annually for addresses outside the United States), only $10 for graduate students.

TO JOIN THE AMERICAN HUMOR STUDIES ASSOCIATION, send a check, payable to American Humor Studies Association, to:

Joseph Alvarez, Secretary-Treasurer
American Humor Studies Association
900 Havel Court
Charlotte, NC 28211-4253

Please include name, mailing address, academic affiliation, e-mail address, and special interests.
For further information contact Janice McIntire-Strasburg, Executive Director-AHSA, English Department, St. Louis University, 3800 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108-3414. E-mail:

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