Pre-professional Programs

Coordinate classes to prepare for medical school. Get guidance during the law school admissions process. Lay the foundation to become a dentist, optometrist or veterinarian.

student walkingSaint Louis University’s Office of Pre-Health and Pre-Law Studies advises undergraduate students considering careers in health-related fields (such as medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry or veterinary medicine) and in legal professions.

The path to successful career planning and becoming a well-rounded candidate for health and legal professional schools starts here. Pre-health and pre-law advisers can help you explore your options, choose a major, plan your courses, gain educational experience out of the classroom, find service opportunities, overcome obstacles and navigate the process of applying to professional schools.

Our office offers individual one-on-one advising, group meetings, informational sessions, specialized workshops and extracurricular experiences.

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Get insight into internships and legal work from students, lawyers and judges. Our Pre-Law program provides an introduction into the legal life, whether you plan to attend law school or not. Dedicated Pre-Law advisers:

  • Assist in the design of a customized curriculum
  • Provide personalized guidance during the law school admissions process
  • Advise you about legal opportunities in the community

Pre-Professional Health Studies

The Pre-Professional Health Studies program prepares you for some of the most popular careers in health care. Our full-time office of advisers will guide you through course registration, internships and letters of recommendation.