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Christy Sevier  Program Director for Alumni Recruitment

Saint Louis University
Office of Admission
One N. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Phone: (337) 287-4557
           (800) SLU-FOR-U
Fax:     (314) 977-7136

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What advice would you offer to students during their college search and application processes?
Visit campus! I believe the campus visit is the defining moment of the college search process. You will know if this is a place you can call home for the next four years of your life.

How long have you worked as an admissions counselor at Saint Louis University?
I have been at Saint Louis University since February 2009.

What do you enjoy most about your work as an admissions counselor at Saint Louis University?
I enjoy working with the students as they experience such an exciting time in their lives. I find it especially exciting to work with students from my home state of Louisiana and the south to share with them the opportunities available not only at SLU, but also in the city of St. Louis. The city really is a great college town with so many free museums, a free zoo (with a polar bear!), numerous parks, and professional sports so close to the university.

Where is your favorite spot on SLU's campus?
This is a tough one! I would probably say the top floor of DuBourg Hall. The architecture is incredible with its beautiful dormer windows and soaring hardwood rafters, it is a special place.

What is your favorite restaurant (or entertainment venue) near SLU's campus that you recommend to students and their families?
Riverbend Bistro is my favorite restaurant. Located less than 10 minutes from SLU, it is great authentic Cajun food in the heart of St. Louis!

What did you study as an undergraduate?
My undergraduate degrees are in political science and history.

Other than those regarding financial aid, what are the most common questions you receive from prospective students and their families, and how do you respond?
"What is a Billiken?" is probably the question that I hear most often from students and their families. The Billiken is an ancient Chinese good luck charm that represents things they ought to be. A writer with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch thought the SLU football coach looked like a Billiken and began referring to the team as Bender's Billikens. I don't think that is much of a compliment! The name stuck, and Saint Louis University adopted the Billiken as an official mascot. We are still the only university in the world with the Billiken as a mascot, and are frequently named one of the most unique college mascots.