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Colin Harris  Admission Counselor

Saint Louis University
Office of Admission
One N. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Phone: (314) 977-2423
           (800) SLU-FOR-U
Fax:     (314) 977-7136

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What advice would you offer to students during their college search and application processes?
Visit every college you apply to. If you can't visit the school, ask the admission counselor to connect you with a student on campus to get their opinions about the campus/university.

How long have you worked as an admissions counselor at Saint Louis University?
3+ years

What do you enjoy most about your work as an admissions counselor at Saint Louis University?
Hearing the excitement in a student's voice when he/she is just as excited about SLU as I am.

Where is your favorite spot on SLU's campus?
As a student, it was SLUruba. As an employee, Chaifetz Arena.

What is your favorite restaurant (or entertainment venue) near SLU's campus that you recommend to students and their families?
Pappy's, Vito's, Best Steakhouse and Nadoz (for brunch).

What did you study as an undergraduate?
I studied communication and marketing here at SLU and I just finished my MBA with my concentration in Finance.

Other than those regarding financial aid, what are the most common questions you receive from prospective students and their families, and how do you respond?
Q: Why did you choose SLU?
A: I was looking for a Jesuit university (I went to a Jesuit high school) because I was a strong believer in the principles of strong academics and a willingness to serve others. After visiting many of the Jesuit colleges and universities in the Midwest, I felt that the Jesuit mission was strongest at SLU. Another reason: When I visited SLU, I felt a strong sense of community, much like I felt at my high school. The open and welcoming feeling that I received from students and staff when I visited was very appealing to me. Even though I had not yet made my decision about where to go to college, I felt like I was already a part of the SLU community. I knew then that I wanted to be a Billiken.