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Heather Brock  Assistant Director of Recruitment

Saint Louis University
Office of Admission
One N. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Phone: (314) 977-2418
           (800) SLU-FOR-U
Fax:     (314) 977-7136

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What advice would you offer to students during their college search and application processes?
I recommend students start early and stay organized. Keep something like a binder, spread sheet, or Google document and have separate sections or tabs for each college or university you are considering. Write down visit days, application and scholarship deadlines and other important dates you do not want to miss. Look at it weekly to stay on top of important deadlines. Senior year goes by so fast and it is easy to forget.

How long have you worked as an admissions counselor at Saint Louis University?
I have been working in the Office of Admission at SLU since 2007.

What do you enjoy most about your work as an admissions counselor at Saint Louis University?
I enjoy keeping students informed about the process. I remember needing a lot of guidance as a senior in high school. I was not familiar with the application process or filing the FAFSA, so it was a little intimidating. I enjoy being that point person for students who need a little extra help or guidance.

Where is your favorite spot on SLU's campus?
I like sitting by the waterfalls at the clock tower. It's a quiet place to read and relax. However, between classes it can get quite busy so it's a fun place to people watch too. It's a really neat spot.

What is your favorite restaurant (or entertainment venue) near SLU's campus that you recommend to students and their families?
I enjoy going to the Fox Theater. There are a variety of plays, musicals, and concerts there all the time. It is so close to SLU you can walk there!

What did you study as an undergraduate?
I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. I also earned a double minor in Writing and Business Administration. I earned my Master of Arts degree in Student Personnel Administration from Saint Louis University in 2012.

Other than those regarding financial aid, what are the most common questions you receive from prospective students and their families, and how do you respond?
What is a Billiken?
I am asked that question all the time and I think he represents SLU to the fullest. He was created in the early 1900s and is a symbol of good luck. He is original, unique, and the only mascot of its kind!