Master's Degree Programs

In order to be admitted into the Ph.D. in Public and Social Policy, applicants must already hold a master's degree in the social sciences or a related professional degree. Some appropriate SLU programs in which prospective students might earn master's degrees are:

SLU Law School - Juris Doctor
The School of Law's rich history consists of strong connections to the community and a long tradition of public service. SLU LAW's location in the heart of the City of Saint Louis offers students unparalleled access to leading law firms, corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations and a unique opportunity to see the law in action. The School of Law boasts the nation's premier health law program and strong programs in international and comparative law and employment law.

Master of Arts in Political Science
The M.A. in Political Science allows academically talented students to advance their knowledge and analytical skills by focusing on an interdisciplinary, problem-oriented area with the broad field of political science. Students can choose from tracks in American Politics, International Affairs, Gender and Politics, and Political Theory. The M.A. in Political Science prepares students for employment in government offices, political campaigns, nonprofit civic organizations, overseas teaching, national and international business, news media, and non-governmental organizations. Students focusing on International Affairs will be prepared for careers in the foreign service, international NGOs, or international organizations like the United Nations or NATO, among many others.

Master of Arts in Public Sociology
The M.A. in Public Sociology prepares students for employment as researchers, administrators and consultants by private organizations and government agencies at federal, state, and local levels. Researchers may be involved in such areas as community development, urban planning, health care delivery, criminological research, planning social welfare programs, and various aspects of program evaluation. Graduates with strong computer and methodological skills may become statisticians or affiliates of various research institutes, including the Census Bureau, public opinion institutes, and other federal agencies planning health and education programs.

Master of Business Administration
The Cook School, with its continuing mission to provide excellence in business education, offers MBA coursework, professional development and networking opportunities that foster both ethical and technical skills. The highly-regarded faculty are dedicated to educating the whole person, preparing MBA students for an empowered experience that provides them with the tools necessary to create real and lasting change.

Master of Public Administration
The M.P.A. program is designed for mid-career professionals and pre-service students interested in preparing themselves for careers in the public or non-profit sectors at the national, state, and local levels. The program's primary objective is to provide its graduates with proficiency in management principles and techniques, research and evaluation skills, and the ability to identify and analyze individual and institutional values as they relate to social, economic, and political behavior.

Master of Public Health
Public Health is a dynamic field of study that seeks to improve the conditions and behaviors affecting the health and well-being of communities and their individual residents. An M.P.H. enables students to become leaders in the diverse areas of public health practice, including biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health sciences, health management and policy, and social and behavioral sciences.

Master of Science in Applied Financial Economics
The MS-AFE program provides students with applied technical skills, preparing them to enter the labor market. The program helps students develop strong ethical, technical and professional skills, and provides in-depth experience in economics and finance.

Master of Social Work
The M.S.W. prepares students to be advanced practitioners of social work who act as agents of change to promote individual and societal well-being. The SLU School of Social Work is build upon an unwavering commitment to social justice. Interactive teaching methods are aimed at combining community-based practice with classroom activities and discussions. Students can focus on community and organizations; clinical practice; or applied behavioral analysis. Optional specializations include nonprofit administration and trauma informed care.

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