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Ray Vollmer             

Distance Learning Coordinator       



IP Address

Direct Line to Video Conferencing Lab:


Admission Fees

Admission Fees: $265.00
per connection, (i.e., site)

Grade Levels

Elementary, Middle and High School Students

Program Format

Distance Learning

Available Dates

Scheduled Upon Requests            (At least 4 weeks in advance)


All programs must be scheduled based on Central Standard Time (CST)

Program Length

1 hour 


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In addition to on-site field trips AIMS provides distance learning presentations through a state-of-the-art high definition video conferencing system. The AIMS Virtual Anatomy Classroom provides hands-on interactive field trips designed to enhance any science curriculum.

The AIMS Distance Learning Program will introduce students to the wonders of the human body in a way that is difficulty to duplicate in the classroom.  Utilizing a combination of high definition cameras, human organ specimens and in select presentations, human cadaver specimens. Our presenters will lead your students through an interactive discussion of human anatomy, pathology and wellness.

We offer seven different presentations that address a variety of major organs or hands-on activities.  In addition, three unique Cadaver Demonstrations are offered for high school age students looking for a more in-depth view of the body.

AIMS is able to connect with schools two different ways. The first option is through an IP number (polycom, or other video conferencing equipment) or through the internet (webconferencing/webcam/desktop) via FUZE software. 

To schedule programs, Click Here. For test calls, contact: Ray Vollmer, AIMS Distance Learning Coordinator at 314-977-7377

If there are difficulties with your bridge or other video or audio transmission issues, contact: AIMS Distance Learning Laboratory at 314-977-7399

Available Distance Learning Programs:

 For programs that involve dissections, please contact Ray Vollmer at 314-977-7377 for instructions to order your specimens.



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