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Why African American Studies?

What types of students are interested in African American Studies?
Majors, minors, and other students enrolled in African American Studies courses gain insight and knowledge about the cultures and histories of people of African heritage in the U.S. and throughout the African diaspora. African American Studies courses complement information attained in a variety of academic majors. Our recent graduates include students who have also majored in Communication, Marketing, Political Science, Psychology and Social Service.

What can students do with a major or minor in African American Studies?
Both the major and the minor give students the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the pluralistic society in which they live. Students will become knowledgeable about the African diaspora and be prepared to seek careers or professional programs where they can utilize knowledge in the design and implementation of programs for, and on behalf of, African Americans.

What are the unique features of this program?
African American Studies is interdisciplinary. Many of the courses offered are cross-listed with other academic departments and when taken for the African American Studies requirements may also fulfill College core requirements. The variety of courses across academic disciplines enable students to develop new ways of conceptualizing issues related to race and culture.

Other Attributes
The African American Studies Capstone course, taken during the semester of graduation, provides students with an opportunity to integrate key concepts of African American Studies in a specific area of interest. Capstone projects are expected to demonstrate competence in critical thinking, inquiry skills and the synthesis of knowledge through an original research project, field service project or artistic endeavor.

African American Studies also offers special academic opportunities such as internships and field service projects in African American communities for students who are looking for challenges outside of the classroom.

After Graduation
Students will be knowledgeable about the African world and the African Diaspora. Students who major or minor in African American Studies will be prepared to work not only in careers that design and implement programs and policy for and on behalf of African Americans, but also in any of the wide variety of fields that require critical thinking, writing, and the synthesis of interdisciplinary knowledge.

Career Options  (just to name a few)

Advertising Agent
Business Manager
College Professor
Community Planner
Community Relations
Copy Editor
Creative Writer
Health Administrator

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