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African American Studies Program

African American Studies would like to congratulate Dr. Jonathan C. Smith on his new and well-deserved appointment as the Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and Community Engagement. Dr. Smith is a distinguished faculty member who has been integral to the continued success of the African American Studies Program at Saint Louis University. We wish him well as he undertakes this unique opportunity to shape the future of diversity and inclusiveness on-campus and with the surrounding community. Congratulations, Jonathan!


How did the United States elect an African American president? Why is there a disproportionate concentration of African American men in state and federal prisons? How are African American women portrayed in U.S. and world media? You will find the answer to these and so many more questions in the African American Studies Program.

African American Studies is a systematic study of the racial, cultural and ethnic experiences of people of African heritage. The course of study enables students to understand national and world views of African American and African-world people in order to determine how such views have affected perceptions of self, family and community.

The African American Studies Program offers a major and minor program, and courses in African American Studies may fulfill selected college core course requirements.


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