American Studies by any measure is a path-breaking field. It emerged from the efforts of restless academics to bring the vitality of engaged, cultural criticism into concerted scholarly practice. Frustrated by the limitations of disciplines, these scholars developed fertile conversations across disciplinary boundaries. From its inception, this interdisciplinary endeavor we now call American Studies has excelled in framing new and exciting questions, expanding the range of sources for research and devising cutting-edge methods of scholarship.

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Application Deadline for Beginning Term The Application Package Apply Online
Fall: December 15 Application fee; Transcripts from previous school(s); Three (3) Letters of Recommendation; GRE G; Resume; Goal Statement; Skype or Phone Interview (desired); Writing Sample (maximum 30 pages)
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Spring: No admittance
Summer: No admittance
Tel. No.: 314.977.2911
Chair: Heidi Ardizzone, Ph.D.
Admissions Coord.: Terri Foster

Assistantship Application Deadline: Early February

Required Additional Application Materials for International Students:

Credit Hours/Coursework: 54 credit hours (beyond the Bachelor of Arts), plus 12 hours of dissertation writing credit | American Studies Ph.D. and Degree Requirements page

Program Description: The pursuit of the doctorate is an intensive process of acquiring the breadth and depth sufficient to produce an original contribution to the field. It is by nature a pursuit that requires a high degree of flexibility in the curriculum, substantial self-motivation on the part of the student, and strong mentorship by the faculty.

Career Possibilities: academic faculty, administration, community organizations, public history

Curriculum & Program Details: The program combine the rigors of training in theory and methods with the development of skills in critical analysis, writing, and research design. Benchmarks include core and elective coursework, skill training, second language acquisition, qualifying exams, application for candidacy, and the proposal, writing, and defense of a dissertation.

About the American Studies Faculty: Award-winning faculty have publication and research records in an array of specializations including environmental studies, urban culture, African American and ethnic histories and literature, religion, and transnationalism. | American Studies Faculty Site

Scholarships & Financial Aid: Between 12 and 13 assistantships (in research). Scholarship aid is also available on a year-by-year basis. | Student Financial Services at SLU

Program Highlights: Students can petition to move from Masters to Ph.D.; American Studies is a free-standing SLU department; we have international school exchange studies program with University of Groningen in The Netherlands.

Applicant Criteria:

  • Standardized test scores are considered as well as GPA and TOEFL (if applicable)

American Studies Application Review Process: All applications are reviewed by the entire faculty.

Admission Statistics: There are approximately 40 masters and doctoral students in our graduate program.