Saint Louis University

This fall, 395 first-year students participated in 25 First-Year Interest Groups, which consist of a small group of students taking two to three courses together and living together in a residential Learning Community. FIGs are designed especially for first-time college students and offer the opportunity to enhance the learning experience at Saint Louis University by surrounding students with peers who share their academic interests.

Also, this year 717 students are participating in Learning Communities, which house a group of students with similar academic and common interests on one or more floors of a residence hall.

The Student Involvement Center would like to thank the instructors that have been involved in teaching the FIG courses this fall semester. Their involvement is critical to the success of the program. The fall 2012 FIG instructors were Martha Allen, Nevin Aspinwall, Bradley Bailey, Scott Berman, Lauren Bolland, James Bowen, Robert Boyle, Steven Buckner, Christopher Collins, Shelly Combs, Patrick Cousins, Lindsay Dencker, Timothy Dooley, Elizabeth Foreman, Daniel Freeman, Roger Gonzalez, Patricia Gregory, Anna Hanavan, Kami Hancock, Steven Hawkes-Teeples, J.A.W. Hellmann, Kelly Herbolich, Josh Hutchison, Lisa Israel, David Jackson, Jonathan Jacobs, Christine Keller, Virginia Kettenbach, Kristin Kiddoo, Charles Kirkpatrick, Belden Lane, Michelle Lorenzini, Greg Lucsko, Jeanne Melton, Janella Moy, J.J. Mueller, Donna Nonnenkamp, Janet O'Hallaron, Emmanuel Pretila, Corin Pursell, Clyde Ragland, Nirina Randrianarivony, Irma Ruebling, Andrew Russell, Laurie Russell, Daniel Schlafly, Alexa Serfis, Nicholas Smith, Daria Sokic-Lazic, Elena Bray Speth, Tiffany Sweeney, George Terzis, Cecil Thomas, Brigid Welch, Nina Westhus and Jeffrey Wickes.

If any FIG instructor name was inadvertently left off, contact Greg Lucsko, FIGs Coordinator, at Learn more about SLU's learning communities program by online.