July 08, 2014
Darren Gaertner

Annual Fire Alarm Inspections Scheduled

In coordination with the Department of Public Safety, Simplex Grinnell will be performing annual fire alarm inspections on the following schedule.

Note that all inspections will be done silently for the majority of the inspection. However by code all audibles in each of our buildings need to be tested. The audible tests will be performed at the end of the inspection for a brief four to five minutes in order to minimize the disturbance this may cause to normal business. These audible tests will consist of the building horns and strobes going off while the inspectors walk the buildings to insure all audibles are sounding properly.

Also note that the schedule could take place over more than one day and vary by a day or two in some cases. Updates to the schedule will be published in future editions of Newslink.

  • July 7: Verhagen Hall
  • July 8: Saint Louis University Museum of Art
  • July 9: Manresa Center
  • July 10: Manresa Conference Center
  • July 10-11: Beracha Hall
  • July 11: Drummond Hall
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