March 15, 2013
Alyson Heller

Endurance Athletes Invited to Take Part in Study

The research study will analyze the post-exercise eating habits of amateur athletes. Participants will be able to receive free nutrition analysis and advice.

Volunteers are needed for a research study being conducted by a nutrition and dietetic graduate student on endurance athletes' eating habits.

To participate, athletes must:

  • Not be affiliated with a structured college or professional team
  • Take part in training involving running more than 20 miles per week, road cycling more than 150 miles per week, mountain biking more than 75 miles per week or a combination of the endurance sports stated

Little or no research has evaluated whether amateur endurance athletes have post-exercise eating habits that are in line with the current guidelines put forth by professional organizations, specifically the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, American College of Sports Medicine and Dietitians of Canada.

This study will analyze eating habits after exercise and compare them with the professional organizations' guidelines. Volunteers will be asked to complete a nutrition and exercise questionnaire, a two-day food diary, and two-day exercise log. There will be no required on-site or in-person visits. All data will be collected through mail, email and telephone contact. Participants will also receive free nutrition analysis with recommendations.

To participate in this study, contact Alyson Heller at or 610-299-6257. Refer to protocol no. 22563.

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