August 05, 2014
Brenda Dooley-Artis

Benefits to No Longer Accept Paper Deferral Forms

The Benefits Office will no longer accept paper Earnings Reduction Agreements or Salary Deferral Agreements for making new contribution elections or changes to existing contributions.

Instead, employees will be able to create or edit their own deferrals using the Online Salary Deferral Agreement, a new online tool available through TIAA-CREF, to help manage salary deferrals for retirement accounts.

Beginning Friday, Aug. 8, employees will be able to create and modify contribution percentages online at

Online Salary Deferral Agreements will provide employees with a more efficient process to manage their deferral elections. Instructions on how to enroll online can be found on the Benefit's Office Retirement Plan page.

Log into account at to update salary deferral elections or call TIAA-CREF at 800-842-2888 for assistance.

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