May 08, 2013
Information Technology Services

SLU Global to Become Blackboard Learn on Saturday

ITS reminds the SLU community that on Saturday, May 18, significant improvements will be made to SLU Global, including an upgrade to Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 11. Find out more about what is included in the upgrade, how to prepare and what steps to take once complete.

Information Technology Services will be upgrading the current SLU Global 9.1 Service Pack 7 to Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 11 on Saturday, May 18. SLU Global will be unavailable from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. that day. Following the upgrade, SLU Global will officially be referred to as Blackboard Learn or Bb Learn.

What is included in the May 18 upgrade to SLU Global?

  1. The name "SLU Global" is going away. The learning management system will now be referred to as simply "Blackboard Learn." Customers may also see this abbreviated as "Bb Learn."
  2. The system will be upgraded from Service Pack 7 to Service Pack 11. This includes several new features, as communicated in Newslink and on the ITS website.
  3. The URL (i.e. link) for the system is changing from to Users will continue to be able to access Bb Learn from the Tools tab of mySLU.
  4. Faculty Support information for Bb Learn is moving to a new home under the ITS website
  5. Respondus will be upgraded to version, and new settings to connect to Blackboard Learn will be released.

Note: The Blackboard Learn Mobile app is not directly impacted by this upgrade. The Mobile app update schedule is managed by the Blackboard Mobile development team according to a separate schedule.

What should you do to prepare for the upgrade?

  1. The upgrade will be applied to existing courses and does not change the content in Blackboard courses. No migration of courses will be necessary.
  2. Plan on not working on course content in SLU Global on May 18.
  3. Do not expect students to work in SLU Global on May 18. Do not schedule tests, discussion boards or give assignment deadlines during the upgrade date.
  4. Customers who wish to create new Tegrity recordings on May 18 during the upgrade will need to set up the Tegrity Recorder to work ‘offline.' This applies to students as well if the Student Recording feature in Tegrity has been enabled. Read instructions for how to do this online.

What can you expect while the upgrade is occurring?

SLU Global

  • SLU Global will be unavailable starting at 6 a.m. Saturday, May 18. 
    • Estimated outage time is 10 hours: 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Customers who try to log into SLU Global through the direct URL,, or via the mySLU Tools tab will see a temporary maintenance page with information about the upgrade.


  • Tegrity Recordings can be viewed during the upgrade by logging in directly at
    • Tegrity, at, will be slow to respond, and logging in will take longer. 
    • Course names will show as [Archived] until the Blackboard Learn upgrade is complete.
  • If the Tegrity Recorder on a computer has been prepared in advance, recordings can be made offline and uploaded after the upgrade is complete. 

Campus Pack

  • Customers can log in to Campus Pack directly at using the option to "Log In via SLUnet ID."


  • Customers will be unable to publish tests to courses in Blackboard Learn during the upgrade.
  • Customers can use Respondus to create tests during the upgrade.
    • Respondus will have to be updated to function with the Blackboard Learn system after the upgrade.

What should you do after the upgrade is completed?

  • Review courses within Blackboard Learn
    • Open course(s) and review the left-side course menu to see if any adjustments to the menu background or text colors need to be made.
    • Notice that the former ‘SLU Global Support' link in the course menu has been updated to ‘SLU ITS Support.'
    • Check out the new features within Blackboard Learn as listed on the ITS Bb Learn product page
  • Respondus Upgrade
    • After the Blackboard Learn upgrade, Respondus will need to be updated before tests can be published to Blackboard Learn courses.
    • The Respondus update includes a new version of the software,, and new connection settings for Blackboard Learn.
    • For SLU-managed computers with Respondus version 4.0.5 installed, the update will be automatically pushed computers by Tuesday, May 21. 
    • Customers who have installed Respondus on a personal computer will need to:
      • Download and install the new Respondus4Campusv4054.exe
      • Manually update the Blackboard Learn connection settings. 
      • Directions will be available on the ITS Software Downloads page.
  • Customers should update documentation they or their department may have about SLU Global to update names and links, such as:
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