January 04, 2013

Sarah Hassen

University Online Staff Performance Evaluation Updated

The changes have allowed department reviewers to enter division or department goals for the entire group at one time.

The 2012 University Online Staff Performance Evaluation (UOPE) tool has been enhanced to allow department reviewers to enter the division or department strategic goals for the entire division or department at one time. These will populate into the evaluation and will be found in a drop down menu in the "Current Business Goals" and "Future Business Goals" sections. As a result, the supervisor will be able to select the entered goals from this drop down menu for each employee rather than having to enter each goal for each individual performance evaluation. This will provide consistency of goals across divisions or departments.

The Department-Maintain Department Goals link is now available in the UOPE menu. Department reviewer instructions for the new enhancement can be found at the Human Resources web page. Email communication has been sent to department reviewers and supervisors.

Human Resources will publish the University Online Performance Evaluation for 2012 to supervisors Wednesday, Jan. 2. Supervisors should not submit the evaluation to supervisor + 1 until the division or department goals have been entered and aligned with the employee's goals.

The tool can be found in Banner Self-Service under the UOPE menu. The 2012 performance evaluation will be under "View Current Annual." Previous evaluations can be found under "View History." The following are additional enhancements available in the 2012 UOPE tool:

  • Expanded character limit to 300 for the Overall Assessment Rating field
  • Pop-up reminder to save work every 15 minutes (Banner Self-Service will time out after 180 minutes)
  • A "preview" button is available for supervisors to review and print all typed comments in the evaluation prior to submitting the evaluation to supervisor + 1
  • Names of supervisor, supervisor + 1, department reviewer and employee will display on all dashboard views to better identify who is responsible for taking action
  • Human Resources has the ability to return an evaluation at any time to the supervisor

Work with unit business managers or financial coordinators (or whoever in the unit is responsible for updating the "reports to" field in the Banner NBAPOSN screen) to ensure that each position has the correct reporting line in the organization. Contact Human Resources with any questions.

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