December 14, 2012
Dave Moyie

Planned Electricity Outage Scheduled During Christmas Break

The outage is slated to begin at 6 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 26, and is part of Ameren Missouri's preventative maintenance on a substation on the north end of campus.

Ameren Missouri has requested an electrical outage to perform preventative maintenance on the north campus substation. This substation provides power to 25 buildings and areas on the Midtown campus, including:

  • Busch Student Center
  • John and Lucy Cook Hall
  • Historic Samuel Cupples House
  • Davis-Shaughnessy Hall
  • DuBourg Hall
  • Fitzgerald Hall
  • Griesedieck Complex (Walsh/Clemens)
  • Robert R. Hermann Stadium
  • Jesuit Hall
  • Kelley Auditorium
  • Laclede Park
  • Macelwane Hall
  • McDonnell Douglas Hall
  • Monsanto Hall
  • Oliver Hall
  • O' Neil Hall and link
  • Pius XII Memorial Library
  • Ritter Hall
  • St. Francis Xavier College Church
  • Shannon Hall
  • Simon Recreation Center
  • Tegeler Hall
  • Verhaegen Hall

This outage is expected to begin at 6 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 26, and is scheduled to take 24 hours. It is Amerens' and Facilities Services' hope it will not last this long, but everyone is encouraged to prepare and take the necessary steps to protect any electronics and equipment that may be affected. Any department refrigerators should be cleaned out prior to leaving for the Christmas holiday.

Contact Keith McCune, assistant director for Facilities Management at 314-977-8247 or; or Dave Moyie at 314-977-2916 or with any specific questions or concerns.

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