March 01, 2012

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Professional Notes: February 2012

JEFFREY BISHOP, M.D. (health care ethics) and his book, The Anticipatory Corpse: Medicine, Power, and the Care of the Dying, were highlighted on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation website's list of the five most influential religion and ethics book of 2011.

ANASTASIOS KABURAKIS, Ph.D. (management) co-authored Legal and Ethical Dimensions of Sport Public Relations, for the text Sport Public Relations, 2nd ed.

JULIE HANLON RUBIO, Ph.D. (theological studies) published the following papers:

  • "Intimacy, Reciprocity, and Familial Relations: Marriage for 21st Century Christians," in James F. Keenan, ed., Catholic Theological Ethics: Past, Present, and Future, Orbis, 2011 (210-23).
  • "Just Peacemaking: A Christian Response to Domestic Violence," INTAMS Review 17:2, 2011 (138-51).

JIN HUANG, Ph.D. (social work) published the following paper:

Huang, J. (2012). Work Disability, Mortgage Default, and Life Satisfaction in the Economic Downturn: Evidence from the Panel. Study of Income Dynamics. Journal of Disability Policy Studies 22(4), 237-246.

AMY BLOUIS, (social work) was featured in The St. Louis Business Journal's list of "Most Influential St. Louisians."

DON LINHORST, Ph.D. (social work) published:

Recidivism outcomes for suburban mental health court defendants. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 37(1), 76-91. (2012)

SUSAN EVERSON, Ph.D. (education) received a grant from "The Recruitment Assistance Program." This is sponsored by Enrollment, Retention Management, Admissions and Graduate Education.

JOANNA GANNING. Ph.D. (public policy) published:

  • Ganning, Joanna Paulson and Benjamin D. McCall, (public policy, alumni). 2012. The Spatial Heterogeneity and Geographic Extent of Population Deconcentration: Measurement and Policy Implications. In International Handbook of Rural Demography, Laszlo Kulcsar and Katherine Curtis, Eds. Springer.
  • "Linking Local Perceptions to the Biophysical and Amenity Context of Forest Disturbance in Colorado." Environmental Management, DOI 10.1007/s00267-011-9802-5. (2012)

SUZANNE MAHON, D.N.Sc. (internal medicine and nursing) published a paper "Using careplans to enhance care throughout the cancer survivorship trajectory" in Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing.

CLAUDIA KARAGOZ, Ph.D. (Italian) published an article, ""Palermo Revisited: Letizia Battaglia's Fine della storia", in Studies in European Cinema, 8:2 2011, 153-62.

TOBIAS WINRIGHT, Ph.D. (theological studies) has been appointed co-editor of the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, which is one of the leading peer-reviewed journals in the discipline of Christian ethics and which is published by Georgetown University Press.

GIL GROSS, M.D. (obstetrics, gynecology and women's health) received an award for research excellence for his poster presentation on back and pelvic pain during pregnancy at the 2012 Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine annual meeting. An oral presentation of work by Gross and JEFFREY GAVARD, Ph.D. (obstetrics, gynecology and women's health) on screening homes of pregnant women in areas at high risk for lead contamination also received a research excellence award.

DUANE GRANDGENETT, Ph.D. (virology) recently was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award from Minnesota State University, Mankato, where he received his bachelor of science degree in chemistry.

NADIA BROWN, Ph.D., AMBER KNIGHT, Ph.D., JASON WINDETT, Ph.D., and CHRISTOPHER WITKO, Ph.D. (political science) attended the Southern Political Science Association Meetings Jan. 11-14, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Brown presented "Gender and Racial Diversity and the Representation of Women's Interests in Congress."

Knight presented a paper entitled "Democratizing Disability: Grounding Equality in Our Shared Vulnerability."

Windett presented a paper, "Diffusion of Innovation and State Political Cultures: The Case of Women State Supreme Court Justices."

Witko participated on four panels. He presented two papers: "A Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Hierarchical Model of Partisan Effects on Deindustrialization at the State Level" and "State Accountability Policies and Narrowing the Curriculum." He served as a discussant on a panel on State Policy Adoption panel and as chair and discussant on a panel on the determinants of lobbying.

J. D. BOWEN, Ph.D. (political science) presented "The Right and Non-party Forms of Representation and Participation: Bolivia and Ecuador Compared" at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Midwest Association of Latin American Studies, Norman, Okla., Nov.18, 2011.

NADIA BROWN, Ph.D. (political science) presented three papers during the fall semester:

  • "The Politics of Hair and Black Women's Legislative Experiences" (Northeastern Political Science Association, Nov. 2011)
  • "Black Women State Legislators: The Use of Identity in Representing Minority Women" (Mid-America Alliance for African Studies, Oct. 2011)
  • "Negotiating Insider/Outsider Status: How Identity Influences What Political Elites Say" (American Political Science Association, Sept. 2011)

Also, her article, "Political Participation of Women of Color: An Intersectional Analysis" was recently accepted by the Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy.

NITISH SINGH, Ph.D. (international business) recently published a book, titled Localization Strategies for Global E-Business, Cambridge University Press.

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