August 22, 2014
Information Technology Services

Fuze Upgrades Available for SLU-Managed PCs

Over the summer, SLU's real-time video collaboration solution provider, Fuze, launched a redesigned and more user experience-focused New Fuze client for Windows, Mac and iOS. The upgrade includes some new features to make it easier for users to join meetings and provide the same interface to all meeting attendees, regardless of their device. Android users will also have a redesigned Fuze app in the near future.

Fuze's goals of the redesign are to streamline the product to one consistent user interface and experience which will ensure more accurate technical support and troubleshooting and allow them to continue to make large-scale improvements.

What does this mean for you?

Fuze does not currently have any immediate plans to retire support for existing "legacy" Fuze applications, however they are encouraging all users to update to the latest version for an optimized experience.

To keep SLU computers on a consistent version of Fuze, all SLU-managed PCs that had the Legacy Fuze client installed have been upgraded to the New Fuze over the past week (Aug. 13-22).

Some SLU users or computers may need to stay on the Legacy Fuze client. If the New Fuze system requirements conflict with system requirements for another application that is necessary for work, the IT Service Desk can assist by pushing the Legacy Fuze client to computers for installation.

SLU users who want the New Fuze installed for the first time on their SLU-managed PC need to contact their IT Service Desk for assistance. The New Fuze requires Microsoft .NET 4.5 as part of the installation, so SLU PC users need to request this software from ITS.

SLU users are welcome to install the New Fuze client on their personal mobile devices and computers. Visit Fuze's public download page and select a device. The New Fuze for Windows and Mac will replace previous Fuze versions and launch upon download.

What are the technical requirements for the updated version?

  • Fuze for Mac requires OS X 10.8+
  • Fuze for Windows requires Win 7+
  • Fuze for iPhone & iPad requires iOS 7+

What should I expect when I first launch the New Fuze client?

Upon entering the New Fuze, users will see the new, modern design, as well as any meetings already scheduled and uploaded content. Users will have to update their profile photo (or default to a "colorful initials" avatar) and audio preferences.

To begin getting comfortable with the new design, check out a previously recorded Fuze-led training session for an overview of the New Fuze layout and changes to how attendees interact with Fuze. There is a 30-minute training session video that is available to view online. 

Check out the Fuze for Mac, Fuze for Windows and Fuze for Mobile and Tablets pages on Fuze's website for instructions, known issues and best practices for using Fuze on different devices.

Cisit the Fuze page on the ITS Website for more information on the New Fuze upgrade.

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