Saint Louis University

Need a new phone? Not sure which one to order? Not sure what it will cost? Visit the ITS website for a full list of services and charges.

For repairs:

  • Contact the IT Service Desk via 314-977-4000 or to submit a repair order.
  • If a phone cannot be repaired by SLU's on-site AT&T technician, it must be replaced.
  • Staff can assist with:
    • Forgotten voice mail passwords
    • No dial tone (Check that the phone is plugged in to the correct phone jack.)
    • Static (A new telephone cord may be needed; ITS staff can help determine the likely cause of the static.)
To estimate the cost of an addition, move, change or repair, review Services and Equipment Charges. This cost must be verified by the ITS Telephone Services department after submitting a request (by calling 314-977-4000) and prior to sending the IDO.