September 12, 2012
Information Technology Services

ITS to Improve Network in Resident Halls

Starting at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 12, students who are plugged into the network in a residential hall will need to register their computer in the Bradford Resident Network system. The registration screen will automatically appear for students when they open their Internet browser, and registration should only take approximately five minutes. In order to complete registration, a student needs to be able to pass the following checks:

  • Windows based machines must have:
    • Up-to-date Windows Operating System
    • Up-to-date Anti-virus protection
    • Up-to-date Adware and Malware protection
  • Mac based machines must have:
    • Up-to-date Mac Operating System

Registration is good for the entire school year as long as the computer is plugged in at least once every two weeks.

Looking for more help? Visit the Information Technology Services website for more information.

Not enough jacks? Students living in Fusz Hall, Marchetti Towers (East and West) or Marguerite Hall may find that there are not enough wall jacks for each student. Students living in these residence halls can borrow a mini-hub from the Student Service Desk in Busch Student Center (room 137) for one school year. The mini-hubs must be returned at the end of the school year or the student will be charged $50.

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