December 05, 2012

Sarah Hassen

MOVE Committee to Sponsor Christmas Decorating Contest

The Human Resources MOVE Committee will sponsor a workspace or door Christmas decorating contest. Employees are encouraged to decorate and transform their workspaces or office doors with festive holiday decorations

Employees interested in participating are instructed to decorate their workspace and submit a photo or video of their decorations to by 3 p.m. Friday, Dec. 13.

Include with your entry:

Name of the participant(s)
Email address(es)
Telephone number(s)

The contest includes two categories for judging: Workspace, such as an office, cubicle, desk or office suite, for team entries and door decorations, such as the door to an office or work area for individual entries.

Prizes will feature a Christmas gift basket for individuals competing in the door decoration contest and St. Louis Bread Company bagel breakfast for teams entering the workspace contest.

Judges will visit the top five best decorated workspaces for both categories Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 17-18, to have an interactive judging experience before determining the winners.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, Dec. 19, and photographs will be featured in the SLULife December 2012 issue.

Rules and Guidelines:

Since not all work environments can be transformed with decorations, employees should check with supervisor before adding any decorations to a workspace.

No flames, fog machines or disruptive noises. Decorations and materials used should comply with University and Departmental policy, and not interfere with the work environment.

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