October 20, 2012

Lisa Terneus

University Announces New Service Recognition Program

The changes are designed to honor employees in a more timely and collegial way.

Sample image of 15-year Service Award certificate.
A sample 15-year service certificate, which will be awarded as part of the University's new recognition practices.

Saint Louis University is taking a new approach to recognizing employees for their years of service to SLU.

The changes — which reflect current best practices in the field of human resources — are designed to make the recognition experience for each employee more personal, timely and collegial.

Going forward, service awards will be presented at the departmental level during an employee's anniversary month.

Every month, managers will be given a recognition packet to provide to employees who are celebrating five or more years of service to the University. (More information about the recognition packets is below.)

Supervisors will be instructed to present the packets in front of their staff, to build greater appreciation for an employee's commitment and hard work among their colleagues.

In addition to these ongoing presentations in departments, the University will continue to host two annual breakfast events. Featuring keynote speakers rather than individual award presentations, these events will serve as a general celebration of longtime service to SLU.

The Distinguished Service Awards Breakfast (for those marking 10, 15 or 20 years of service to SLU) will be held at 9 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 8, in the Wool Ballroom of Busch Student Center.

The Presidential Service Awards Breakfast (for those marking 25, 30 or 35-plus years of service to SLU) will be held at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 5, in the Saint Louis room of Busch Student Center.

Changes to the recognition program were led by the Human Resource Recognition Committee, which includes members from the Division of Human Resources, the Chair of the Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) and representatives from the academic and medical affairs offices.

The President's Coordinating Council — which consists of vice presidents as well as representatives from SAC, the Faculty Senate, the Student Government Association and the Council of Academic Deans and Directors — has approved the new approach unanimously.

The new service awards program comes on the heels of a number of other initiatives designed to enhance collegiality and recognize employee contributions.

The next Cannonball Picnic, which was developed in 2010 as an annual staff appreciation event, will be held next Monday, Oct. 22, at the Medical Center Stadium.

Additionally, in April 2011, Human Resources Division launched the monthly Spirit Days, when employees are encouraged to wear SLU blue and allowed to blue jeans to work.

Earlier this fall, Human Resources also hosted a Food Truck Rally that drew an estimated 400 people. A similar rally for the Medical Center is being planned for the spring.

The University will also host its second annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Tribute in January. Last year's event drew more than 200 people.

The monthly award packages for service include the following:

Years of Service Award
5 Framed certificate and personalized SLU keychain
10 Framed certificate and a 10-year lapel pin
15 Framed certificate and a 15-year lapel pin
20 Framed certificate, 20-year lapel pin
and $50 in Billiken Bucks
25 Framed certificate, 25-year lapel pin,
$75 in Billiken Bucks and two tickets to a SLU athletic event or SLU Theatre
30 Framed certificate, 30-year lapel pin,
$100 Billiken Bucks and two tickets to a SLU athletic event or SLU Theatre
35-plus Framed certificate, 35-plus years lapel pin,
$150 Billiken Bucks, an overnight stay at Hotel Ignacio and two tickets to a party-box at a Billikens basketball game
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